The South West Beard Club is proud to present…


South West Beard & Moustache Competition 2018

7th July 2018 12pm
Raising money for Armour to Barber

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The South West Beard Club

Who are the SWBC?

The South West Beard Club is an independent non-profit club set up in the summer of 2015 for fellow pogonophiles around the South West of England, to share their love of facial hair. They aim to foster friendship by sharing beard-care advice and the process of beard-growing, by regular gatherings and raising money for charity through our enjoyment of the beard.

What is this all about then?

A beard and moustache competition you may ask yourself, Whats that then?
Exactly what it says on the tin!

There’s loads of different categories, from the manliest of moustaches, to the crazy out of the ordinary freestyle creations, with 1st 2nd & 3rd placings in each category, there is plenty of chance of bagging yourself a prize.

But what is there for the women & children?

Handmade that’s what…. So get out those knitting needles, crochet hooks and the pritt stick, and make yourself and the kids a beard or moustache!

Can I just watch?

Of course, as well as watching and admiring peoples facial hair, these competitions are all about fund raising.
SWBMC this year will be supporting

Fund raising activities will include

  • A raffle
  • Charity barbers
  • Charity stands/stalls

What are the Categories?

Natural Moustache (no styling aids)
Styled Moustache
Natural Beard under 8″ (no styling aids)
Natural Beard over 8″ (no styling aids)
Styled Beard under 8″
Styled Beard over 8″
Partial Beard (no styling aids)
Business Class
Ladies Handmade
Children’s Handmade